Sarah Deboosere and Charles Blondeel feel strongly about a lot of common theories and chose to express them as a duo. Charles and Sarah started working together in 2001. Together they made various installations and videos. Sarah Deboosere was born in Belgium 1981. Charles Blondeel was born in Belgium 1979. CharlesBlondeel and Sarah Deboosere worked on 'Overcas't, ‘The Waiting room', ‘Untitled Explosions’, 'Co-mu-mi-fication', ‘Framing', 'Dayz ov ‘r livez'
A day will come my future will be your past / 2015
Single channel video projection, Full HD, color
stereo sound
Duration: 24 minutes, 15 seconds
Aspect Ratio: 2.35 1

‘‘A day will come my future will be your past’ makes you experience time through a contemporary tale about the friendship between two middle-aged women. In the story they get trapped in a wormhole between the first and last moment they have met.

The film starts with the encounter of two young girls; Ona and Cecilia, in the serene setting of a park. They talk about Martin, a boy they are both in love with. However, what we hear next tells a different story. Their conversation, at first innocent and banal, shifts to contemplations about shared memories, present observations and future thoughts, they have seemingly already experienced. This concept of time experience is also treated in the subject of their conversation "I wonder, why can I remember my past, but not remember my future?" one of the girls asks. Then, the film itself becomes part of the narrative. ‘The fourth wall', so to speak, is pulled away when the illusion, fed by an extensive stylizing (an idyllic setting, attractive young people, soft colors and delicate music) is shattered; the voices of the girls appear to be dubbed in a recording studio. The conversation feels unnatural and the directors do little effort to conceal this. Although the viewer chooses to forget, he is constantly reminded that everything is staged.

With the three contrasting film genres; fiction, documentary and making of, handled in the film, the directors create an extensive web of layers. The viewer is invited to construct the storyline himself, shifting between these genres, giving significance and meaning to the story the protagonists move trough.

written and directed by: Sarah & Charlles
co-written by: Benjamin Deboosere
with: Bettee Molnar, Stine Sampers, Elsa May Averill, Bryana Fritz, Damien Chapelle, Emeline Depas, Arthur Egloff, Caroline Daish and Duby
director of photography: Hans Bruch jr.
original score by: Lieven Dousselaere
music performed by: Kinderlandkoor Kortrijk
edited by: Gert van Berckelaer
sound edit, foley recording & mix: Matthias Hillegeer
post-production image: Mikros Image Brussels
produced by: O.C.A.M. and Untitled Production
co-produced by: The Flander Audiovisual Fond (VAF) Netwerk/centrum for contemporary art, arts center Buda, arts center Vooruit


Sarah & Charles
Brussels 1981 and 1979
Born, live and work in Brussels

Sarah & Charles’s work is of choice multidisciplinary: installations, sculptures and videos alternated with sound-scapes, performances and photographical works. Among other things, they’ve worked intensely on art in public space and they’ve invested in the creation of several scenographical concepts.
Where their previous work contains a high level of realism, their more recent work focuses on narrative structures in a visually adapted and reduced vocabulary. Mainly personal memories and experiences are the inspiration for new work. Their ideas are objectified into archetypes, and translated in an abstract imagery, to in the end raise recognisability by participation of the spectator.

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image copyright: Sarah & Charlles