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stage design

A thriller opera based on a fantastic story by Ludwig Tieck.

Director Wouter Van Looy, together with Sarah&Charles, stages Blond Eckbert from the Scottish composer Judith Weir, based on the eponymous novel by the Romantic writer Ludwig Tieck.

Judith Weir adapted the novella Der Blonde Eckbert into an opera, which opened in London in 1994. She later reworked it into a chamber opera for four singers and a chamber orchestra. This ‘less is more’ version is extremely gripping and demonstrates better than ever Weir’s characteristic, original, fascinating voice.

For their version of Blond Eckbert, Wouter Van Looy and Sarah & Charles have a fascinating visual concept that makes Tieck’s compelling narrative into a thriller-type film script. The production presents a confrontational reflection on Romanticism and man’s longing for oneness with nature and himself. The shaky structure he creates to achieve this looks as splendid as it does fragile.

original story by Ludwig Tieck, rewritten for the opera by Judith Weir
conducted by Robin Engelen

directed by Wouter Van Looy
stage design by Sarah & Charles
postumes by Lina Celis
Produced by Muziektheater Transparant and Bregenzer Festspiele and coproduced by Operadays Rotterdam and Oxalys Ensemble

pictures by Koen Broos

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