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COM ∩∪ TIES / 2017
temporary sculpture for an exhibition

What does a community still mean for us today? What thresholds do we have to cross in order to meet the other? How do we define a community?

Argos and ISELP, two Brussels institutions that have links with the main Belgian communities, team up to organize a large-scale exhibition about the theme at both venues, using Argos’s extensive film and video collection.

The show with more then 18 hours of film footage  was designed to either individually enjoy at Argos or to experience in a more cinematic way at Iselp. The artists made an extensive installation embedding the works in a sculptural installation with references to the idea of community in relation to their own work.

Through the various perspectives of the artist, the curators want to explore what is this space that defines communities—and gives rise to them. Furthermore, they delve into the question what unites communities and drives them apart. It does not mean simply showing projects that were jointly

realized, but rather observing the result of links between communities and the world around them.

Four contemplative axes function as chapters or itineraries along which are explored the implicit complexity of this theme, while at the same time the thresholds that condition the existence or non-existence of communities in our societies are considered.

a visual concept by Sarah & Charles assisted by Benjamin Jaubert and Andréa Le Guellec

produced by Argos and Iselp with the support of the French community.
curated by Ive Stevenheydens and Maité Vissault.

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