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site-specific public sculpture,
stainless steel, powder coating.

The title of the work refers to a theater expression used to determine the players position on stage. It dates from Molière's time, where in the Palace of Versailles, players referred to the 'side of the courtyard' and 'the side of the garden' to indicate their location.


Inspired by the garden's design, conceived by architects Robbrecht and Daem, Sarah & Charles proposed a permanent stage design, located behind the garden's amphitheater. Concurrently they invite the local theater- and art schools to activate the sculpture on a regular basis.

located at Stadstuin, Bredestraat 82 - 9600 Ronse

curated by Win Van den Abbeele for The New Patrons

commisioned by the city of Ronse

In collaboration with Jan Leconte

pictures by Hugard & Vanoverschelde

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