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/ 2009
Installation, mixed media (wooden structure, highlighted with theaterspot)
Dimensions variables

Props For Drama is a series composed out of successive parts, each of them dealing with a different cinematographic technique used for storytelling. Objects are being deconstructed and reassembled in different ways. The trail of bits and pieces, leading the visitor trough the space, creates a possible narrative.

In Props For Drama: Foreshadowing, the first part of this series, components of an interior such as a door and a door opening, a mantelpiece and a few walls are put on display. The word ‘foreshadowing’ is a literary device used by authors to provide the viewer with clues to enable him to predict what might occur later in the story. It is a way of dropping hints about the plot in a suggestive way. Is this the set where the drama takes place? Who inhabits it? Where is it located in time and space? Are theses perhaps the protagonists? And are we thus witnessing a scene played out between the door opening, its floor panel and its facing wall? Several light beams draw strong black shadows on the contrasting white surfaces of the objects. The light beams are materialized into floor panels. These floor panels equally painted white, support the sculpture, as were they its pedestal.

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