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Single channel video, Full HD, color, dolby sound
Duration: 9 minutes, 34 seconds 

A computer-animated hand puppet has a conversation with several artificial identities about their feelings and social relationships. The film addresses how we relate to the virtual and share our intimacy with it. It foreshadows what could happen when artificial intelligence becomes more humanlike. This animated conversation, both literally and figuratively, is based on interviews with patients and care providers at a psychosocial hospital. Later the artists asked friends and colleagues similar questions. The format of the ‘online chat’ is used to address subjects like self-analysis, personality and anxiety.

written and directed by Sarah & Charles
co-written by Benjamin Deboosere
original drawings by Lindert Steegen
3D modeled and animated by Studio Thomas De Brabanter
filmed before animation by Hans Bruch JR.
sound design by Jeroen De Meyer
puppet created by Thomas De Brabanter
puppet manipulation by Caroline Daish and puppet’s voice also by Caroline Daish
edited before animation by Benjamin Deboosere

recorded at KAOS vzw in the framework of a residency program at Psycho-Social Centre St- Alexius and in the studio of Sarah & Charles in the course of the past two years

produced by Untitled Production vzw and with the generous support of KAOS vzw and Vlaamse Gemeenschap

many thanks to all our collaborators and special thanks to KAOS, Mike Michiels, Erik Thys, David Lambrecht, Johan Schepens, Fede, Joëlle Bacchetta, Louise Babar, Lucie Bodarwé, Eric de Kuyper, Claude Blondeel and Shelley Bockstael

Original poster design by Überknackig

Festival screenings:

2022        Internationales Trickfilm-Festival Stuttgart
2021        FICBC - Balneário Camboriú International Film Festival

2021         Minikino Filmweek
2021         Fest Anča International Animation Festival (CS)
2021         2ANNAS ISFF 2021
2021         Ann Arbor Film Festival
2021         16th Prague Short Film Festival (CS)
2020        Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur (SW)
2020        Leiden Shorts (NL)
2020        International Film Festival Rotterdam (NL)

picture by Silvia Cappellari

Collection acquisition

2022        muhka collection


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