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Vimeo link (full short film):

Download link (poster & film stills) : here


A computer-animated hand puppet has a conversation with several artificial identities about their feelings and social relationships. The film addresses how we relate to the virtual and share our intimacy with it. It foreshadows what could happen when artificial intelligence becomes more human-like. This animated conversation, both literally and figuratively, is based on interviews with patients and care providers at a psychosocial hospital. Later the artists asked friends and colleagues similar questions. The format of the ‘online chat’ is used to address subjects like self-analysis, personality and anxiety.


Writer : Sarah & Charles
Directed : Sarah & Charles 
Co-writer : Benjamin Deboosere 
Original drawings : Lindert Steegen
3D modeled, animated : Studio Thomas De Brabanter
Filmed before animation : Hans Bruch JR.
Sound design : Jeroen De Meyer
Puppet created : Thomas De Brabanter
Puppet manipulation : Caroline Daish
Puppet’s voice : Caroline Daish
Edited before animation : Benjamin Deboosere
Producer : Untitled Production vzw
Poster design : Uberknackig

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