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Props For Drama is a series composed out of successive parts, each of them dealing with a different cinematographic technique used for storytelling. Objects are being deconstructed and reassembled in different ways. The trail of bits and pieces, leading the visitor trough the space, creates a possible narrative.

In this part, Props For Drama: Plot Twist, the work takes on a drastic change of direction from its preceding scene. The expected outcome of the plot, played out in Props For Drama: Foreshadowing, is now in jeopardy. In stories a ‘plot twist’ is often created to surprise the audience with a revelation. When a ‘plot twists’ is foreshadowed, it can often be predicted beforehand, if not, it can come as a shock to the viewer. Through a small door in the staircase, coming from nowhere, descending from the house of the first scene, an outside view is revealed. It is a strange world of decomposed elements, reminding of children plays and obstacle tracks. A soundtrack reciting nature related sounds from a sound effects database adds to the suggestion of the outside. Props For Drama is an attempt towards the telling of a story as it has been told many times before, with the exception that every possible story structure is intentionally left out.

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Installation, mixed media (wooden structure, highlighted with theaterspot and soundtrack)

Dimensions variable

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