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For Red Herring, Sarah & Charles create an ominous setting. A strong light beam is pushed trough the contours of a door opening, revealing only that to the spectator which is intended to. The stage is a surreal setting for the imaginative world of director and performer Diederik Peeters.


In the piece, a series of half-abstract and semi-mental scenes are presented, loosely inspired by the comical potential of irrational fears. Drenched in cold sweat Peeters tries to discover the ridiculousness of his obsessional and paranoid traits. Sound is his biggest hope: because even though he is alone on stage, in this performance sound is used (and abused) to the extent that it imposes itself as a character. A duet for performer and soundtrack in short, disguised as a solo, which tries to find out whether old master Buñuel was right when he stated that 'sound stimulates the imagination more than image'...



Stage design

a performance by Diederik Peeters 
music & sound by Lieven Dousselaere 
scenography by Sarah & Charles 
light by Henri-Emmanuel Doublier and assisted by Ivan Fatjo 
costumes designed by Christoph Hefti & Carmel Peritore 
reflected on by Philippe and Bill Aitchison 
production management by Rina Govers

produced by SPIN and co-produced by Beursschouwburg, Kunstencentrum BUDA 
in collaboration with Pianofabriek Kunstenwerkplaats, STUK Kunstencentrum and Kunstencentrum Vooruit

supported by the Flemish Government and the Flemish Community Commission 

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