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Video-installation with prerecorded actors and live recording of the spectator – monitor screen, computer and camera.


The Waiting room’ is an alternative setup of the installation Co-mu-mi-fication. We wanted to use a similar device but present it from a different perspective. In this video-installation, the spectator enters a simulation of a waiting room.


A waiting room is in our opinion, a universal space where every individual spends some time in his/her life. One could describe it as a rather trivial, uninteresting yet very intimate and familiar space. Once inside, the visitor sees him/herself on a screen, this image assembled with a few waiting people who are at that moment only virtually present. We came up with a setting where the differences in gender, color and style would blend together, but still stand out at close inspection. The spectator completes the work by attending the exhibition. The result is a split- screen fusion of fiction and reality by combining action and reaction.


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