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A scenographic concept for kunstenfestivaldesarts

“We chose pinkish melon, which sounds like a martini, a molecular dynamics coarse-grained force field, and when all material revolves to dust, there’s the salty dessert, the merchant of salt, and there’s the wall, so let’s toast to that, let’s toast to life!” 


In 2014 the festival centre was housed in an old, partially abandoned space in Brussels: the Cinema Marivaux. The Kunstenfestivaldesarts asked Sarah & Charles to rethink the spaces of this old cinema. The artistduo generated an abstract and timeless situation. The cover-up is as much a functional space as a visual installation. A scenographic concept for three weeks of encounter, conversation and celebration.

concept by Sarah & Charles
in collaboration with and assisted by Zoé Nehlig, Thomas Ebraert, Wouter De Raeve, Stéphanie Croibien and Joëlle Bacchetta
costumes by Stan & Loesje
produced and presented by Kunstenfestivaldesarts

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