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A permanent performance in a private house

A silver nail is embedded in the surface of the terrace of the house together with a task for the collectors; to activate the piece at least once a year for 20 years.

At the inauguration, Sarah & Charles put in motion the first articulation of the piece in close collaboration with performer Bryana Fritz. The performance developed in the house is based on the experience of the architecture and the way in which the space relates to its inhabitants.

The silver nail functions as a symbolic anchor to the house and instigates the performance. The Brussels based artist collective After Howl welcomed the public into a momentary pavilion set up in the garden of the house. They offered temporary sculptures to the public.


An important part of the task accompanying the activation of the silver nail is the documentation of each happening.


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the project was developed during occasional stays at the house of Julie Vandenbroucke and Michel Espeel starting in 2014. The project was made possible by the ongoing involvement and exchange of ideas between both the collectors and the artists.

an intervention by Sarah & Charles in close collabora-tion with and performed by Bryana Fritz with temporary sculptures by After Howl. and documented by Hans Bruch jr.

Stills from the performance with Bryana Fritz

Video extract from the performance with Bryana Fritz

Pictures by Marie Sardin of the After Howl intervention

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